January 27, 2021
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3 Disney Attractions I Will NEVER Experience Again

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3 Disney Attractions I Will NEVER Experience Again


Visiting the parks as often as I do, I have put the attractions in to 4 general categories. 

1.    My favorites, I must do every trip
2.    The “if we have time, or there’s no line” attractions
3.    I’m with someone who is here for the first time – so I have to do it
4.    I will NEVER ride that again

It may be surprising to some that I do have attractions I won’t ride, but no matter how much pressure my travelling companions try to apply – I will not EVER experience them again.


1.    Ellen’s Energy Adventure 
I have been on this attraction many and I really used to enjoy it, but something has happened in recent years that I can’t handle the length of the attraction anymore!  Spending 45 minutes in a vehicle with ‘no way out’ seems to freak me out a little now.  Maybe it’s age, maybe I don’t have patience, but it’s just way too long for me. 

2.    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
The first time I went on this I felt like I had to, it was a new attraction and I couldn’t “not” go on it.  I was scared, but since it was Disney I knew that I would be safe.  When I rode, they just had a bar across the whole row – nothing that really kept you secure to the seat.  I was 25 years old and I was beyond terrified during the first drop – so much that I actually leaned over screaming and accidentally bit my sister’s shoulder.  I vowed I would never ride again… until Disneyland.  When we visited Disneyland a few years later, my niece and nephew convinced me that there were shoulder harnesses at this one, I was gullible and believed them.  By the time we got in there, I was petrified.  Trying to scream, there was no sound.  You know those nightmares where you open your mouth and nothing comes out?  Ya, that was me.  I can handle the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – but Tower of Terror is insane.  My sister doesn’t like coasters, but loves the Tower of Terror – I guess it depends how comfortable you are with dropping uncontrollably with nothing underneath you!  Sky diving is no longer something I want to try!

3.  Mission Space
I experienced Mission Space when it first opened at the time when they only had ‘1 speed’ and motion sickness bags next to every seat.  I’ve been told they have dialed it back and also have a lighter version available now, but I will never find out personally.   We boarded our space craft and they told us to keep our head straight and not to look to the side.  The ride started and I thought the skin on my face would need to be peeled off of the seat behind me.  It was an incredible feeling, experiencing what the astronauts do – but I quickly realized I would never been an astronaut.   When we got off of Mission Space I had to sit at the exit for 20 minutes while I let my tummy settle.  I sat watching others exiting and saw the 8 and 9 year olds come off asking if they could go again!!  This one was clearly an age thing, but there’s no way you’d get me back on that one!

I think I’m starting to realize that as you get older, your tolerance for these kind of attractions diminishes.  When Everest first opened I rode it 3 times in a row using the single rider line, it was such a rush!  Now I think I could only do that if I took gravol before hand.  My Mum used to say to me “old age doesn’t come alone” and she was right.  Each visit I find I’m enjoying It’s a Small World more and Dinosaur less.  It has really made me appreciate my Dad and my older siblings who would take me on Space Mountain as a kid – I now understand why they all had to sit for a while when we got off!



How about you?  Do you have any attractions you wouldn't ride again?

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