January 22, 2021
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Why should I book my Disney vacation with you?

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Why should I book my Disney vacation with you?

This is a great question that I am asked from time to time, especially from clients who aren't close friends. It makes sense to ask the question, with all of the information available on the internet, why shouldn't you book your Disney vacation yourself?

1. It costs you nothing!

That's right, nothing! I get the same prices that you would see online through Disney, there's nothing added. No service fees, no 'extra' charges - nothing. In fact, in some cases it can cost you less. I know all of the promotions that are available at which resorts on which days, I will even follow up if a promotion is announced after you've paid your deposit to see if you qualify for the lesser rate. I once saved a client over $1,000 on their honeymoon after they booked. Now THAT was a great surprise for the parents who were paying for it!

2. If you've never been, you probably don't know where to start.

Walt Disney World is huge. Lots of clients look at a map and say "It's just a short walk from this resort to one of the parks" without realizing that it's a major hi way they are seeing! When I say it's big, imagine the size of San Francisco and then imagine trying to see it all in a week, it's a daunting task. Where should I stay? What's right for my family? How can I get the best value for what's important to me? These are the questions I can answer.

3. Where should I stay?

There are so many resorts at Walt Disney World that it would be easy to look online and find the cheapest price and select that one, but that's not always the best option. With different specials and promotions sometimes a moderate resort is a better option than the value ones, especially if you want to spend a few days by the pool or have a nice dinner at your resort.

4. What's the difference between all of the resorts?

Sure, you can look online and clearly see the price difference between a Value, Moderate and Deluxe resort - but what about the amenities? Bus service, proximity to your favourite park and dining options can be critical pieces to the decision making process!

5. What parks should I visit and what type of tickets should I get?

You can look online and see the parks and what attractions are at each one, but do you know which ones are best for your family? How many days you will need and hopper or no hopper options can make the difference between a good vacation and a magical one!

6. Should I get the dining plan? Does it automatically save me money?

Not always! Depending on what type of dining your family intend to do while you're there will determine if this is the right option for you.

7. What's this Fastpass thing they have? Don't they have an app or something I can use to figure it out myself?

Yes - they do. The app is wonderful and really easy to use, but making your selections for 3 fast passes per day are some pretty difficult decisions! Would you want to spend this option on an attraction that hardly ever has a long wait? Or would you rather know what attractions are the best value for use? I can help plan all of those activities!

8. How much time do I have to invest in planning this vacation?

That all depends on you! Researching everything online would be a challenging task, especially trying to weed through the misinformation that is out there. I can help guide you through the decisions spending as much or as little time in the details as your comfortable with.

9. Someone in our party has special needs, what do I need to know to make it magical for them?

Disney is fantastic at making all of their guests comfortable, but there are things you should know before travelling with someone with special needs in order to utilize all of the services they may offer.

10. Will you pressure me to book something if I ask for a quote?

Absolutely not. I don't operate under a 'pressure sales' environment. I am lucky enough to work for Pure Magic Vacations, a travel agency that is Disney focused because the owner has the same passion for Disney that I do. I started selling Disney travel because it felt good to have someone come back and tell me how magical their vacation was that I helped plan. Feeling pressure to book a vacation does not start it off on a magical note!


I have been going to Walt Disney World on vacation for as long as I can remember, it really is my 'happy place'. I have toured all of the resorts in detail and personally stayed in most of them (only a couple more to complete my mission of staying in them all!). Even guests who have been to Disney multiple times themselves have commented that I have suggested things they hadn't tried before, or I have provided insight in to what had changed since their last visit. I have been to Disneyland, sailed Disney Cruise line and even visited Aulani, the Disney's resort in Hawaii!

So why should you book with me you ask? Aside from the reasons I listed, I kind of relate it to buying a car... would you want to buy a car from someone who had never driven one?  Personal experience is invaluable!







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