January 22, 2021
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What irritates me about Disney?

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What irritates me about Disney?

Don’t be fooled…

With so many people posting things about Disney every day – it’s hard to keep track of what’s legitimate.  I have found blogs, ads, articles and web pages claiming to be ‘Disney Experts’ with inside information that are simply unreliable. Here are my top 5 irritants about Disney spam:


  1. Random blogs that claim to have the best ‘tips’ for first timers, with incorrect information

It’s amazing to me how many people post blogs offering advice on a Walt Disney World vacation and then give information that is simply not correct!  I recently had a client forward a blog to me asking me why I had not suggested she purchase the ‘front of the line fastpass option’.   She said she was more than willing to spend the extra money to always skip the lines instead of the fastpass option I had explained. The answer was quite simple – I hadn’t told her about the option to purchase the ‘deluxe fastpass’ to skip the lines because they don’t have one!


  1. ‘Free Trip to Disney Giveaway’

This one is super annoying – and easy to fall for.  There are so many ‘fake’ Disney Facebook groups offering free tickets, free trips, free merchandise – all fake.  I have stumbled on these when I see friends ‘sharing the post for a chance to win’.   The ‘real’ page will always have a blue check mark on it – meaning it’s verified.  Once you know what you’re looking for – these scammers are easier to spot than you think.  


  1. Disney Facebook Groups

I know, this one is a touchy subject… I belong to many of these groups too – but you have to know how important it is to take the information in there with a grain of salt. Some of these groups have thousands of people jumping at the chance to comment and advise you on your Disney vacation. Some posters really are knowledgeable and give good advice – but others have taken 1 trip to Disney and have deemed themselves “Disney Experts”.  Here are some of the comments I’ve seen:

  • Do you need reservations at Be Our Guest? Answer from a “Disney Expert” – “No, it’s a quick service at lunch – just walk in”
  • I know what I’m talking about… I’ve been going to WDW since 1968!  (Ummm.. Walt Disney World opened in 1971)
  • Trust me, I’ve sailed on all 5 of the Disney ships and gratuities are included in your cruise fare! (They currently have 4 ships… and no – gratuities are not included in your fare!)


  1.   The crazy Disney rumor mill!

I admit – sometimes I get caught up in the excitement of the rumors.  I love to think about the ‘what ifs’ and hope that they are true. Sometimes its fun to speculate! Most recently the rumored ‘Star Wars Land’ was announced officially by Disney at the D23 Expo, it’s been rumored in the Disney communities for some time.  While most of them are harmless, sometimes I think they go a bit too far. There are social media/websites (who shall remain ‘anonymous’) that will create hype about things that can impact a guest trying to book a vacation.   They start they hype about ‘free dining’ months before anything comes out and it causes people to second guess their dates and decisions, waiting for that ‘amazing deal’ (that can be added to an existing booking in most cases). This year social media created such a frenzy for free dining that people had missed out on the room promotion (which was a really good one!) waiting for free dining.  When free dining was announced, it wasn’t the resorts they had hoped for and they had missed the room promotion. 


  1.   Canada vs. US

So much of the Disney community live in the US and most of the posts from them are specific to US travellers. Canadian travellers don’t always recognize that what is being posted does not apply to them. For example, some of the Disney promotions are available to Canadians long after they have expired them for US bookings.  Passport requirements always create confusion for Canadians after they have read info in a US posting about what they need on a cruise.  This is why it’s so important to find a Canadian Ear Marked travel agency that can advise you.


The moral of this story? Make sure you’re getting your Disney information from a reliable source.  If you read something online – take it with a grain of salt and verify it with a trusted professional.  Don’t be scammed, and don’t be fooled.



REAL Page:




FAKE Page:


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