December 01, 2020
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What it's like for your travel agent on the big day!

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What it's like for your travel agent on the big day!

Today was the day, we all knew it was coming but no one knew for sure.  We had all heard the rumors, saw the tweets and Facebook posts, but nothing was confirmed officially until this morning.   It was happening, it would be like working at Best Buy on Boxing day without advanced warning. Free Dining was released.

The day began at 4:17 am for me, my boss was up earlier monitoring the Disney travel agent site and sent a group text to us all to say “It’s LIVE”.  Frantically the PMV agents all rushed to get out of bed, grab a coffee and get online. We pulled together our files and rushed to check the availability for our clients while trying to understand the details of the offer at the same time.  We knew that good agents everywhere were doing the same thing we were and we watched the availability of the rooms dwindle while we were working away. Some reservations couldn’t be updated online and required a call to Disney’s call center at 7am. As soon as they opened for business the wait times were hours, this is the norm on free dining day.  

While our clients were sound asleep in their beds or enjoying dinner with their families tonight – we were working hard to save them money.  They didn’t have to call in to Disney, they didn’t have to watch the website and get up at 4:30 this morning – they just had to trust that we work hard for them and would do everything possible to get them the best value for their vacation. For a few clients there wasn’t any availability at their preferred resort, and we will monitor the inventory until all of those reservations ‘on hold’ get cancelled.

This is the life of a travel agent who specializes in Disney travel.  Why do we do it? Spending 3 hours on hold today meant that I could email a single parent to tell them that I had saved them $1000 on their Disney vacation.  Sending that message is so much fun, and the replies of shock and gratitude are just priceless!

So why use a travel agent to book your Disney vacation? Aside from all of the benefits of concierge service at no cost (okay, maybe that’s another blog)– it’s the extra miles that your agent goes that you might not even know about.  

I guess the question is – if booking with a travel agency like Pure Magic Vacations doesn’t cost you anything but could save you money, why wouldn’t you?


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